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Why do you need an estate agent?

Information for a sellers and buyers: why do you need to use a services of an estate agent?

The purchase or sale of immovable property is a complex transaction which requires specialized skills and knowledge. The help of an estate agent can reduce risk and avoid unnecessary stress when either buying or selling. Members of the public must at times bear in mind that all estate agents must be registered with the Board and must be in possession of a valid fidelity fund certificate. Always check that your estate agent is properly registered.

For the seller

An estate agent...
- Will advise you on the selling price by making a comparative market analysis on your property.
- Generates lists of qualified buyers.
- Respects your privacy and will only introduce buyers at your convenience.
- Will advise your on the best ways to show your property.
- Knows and will explain the selling procedure and contract to you.
- Is in constant communication with financial institutions and conveyancers and can keep you up to date with the total bond and transfer progress.
- Will streamline and speed-up the selling process and sell your property troubles-free.

For the buyer
An estate agent...
- Knows all the properties for sale.
- Pre-qualifies the seller and knows the reasons for selling.
- Would make an inspection of the property and can point out any defects.
- Knows the area and can advise you on your choice.
- Can arrange for a pre-qualifying bond approval.
- Will assist you with your bond application and completion of the contract.
- Will inform you about monthly repayments and transfer fees.
- Will streamline and speed-up the buying process.

For the seller and the buyer
By not trying to take any shortcuts and by using an Estate Agent both parties ...
~ will be introduced to a legal document to start either the selling or the buying of any said property.
~ By introducing this document called "The Offer to Purchase" the Estate Agent will explain that this document should:
- Not contain ANY open or blank spaces when signed
- Have an exact occupational date in
- Explain the duties of both buyer and seller UNTIL the date of transfer
~ Both parties will enjoy the professional advice, skills and expertise of a registered estate agent, to insure that their interests are well taken care of.
The estate agent should explain clearly that the offer to purchase becomes only LEGAL and VALID once this document has been signed by BOTH parties.
It is the mission of all agents of No.1 Estates to make absolutely sure that the choices of their clients to either buy or sell their houses or palaces will NOT end up in one big headache or crisis!