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Home loan qualifying criteria

Applicants who qualify for a home loan:

Any natural person over the age of 21 years.

Two or more individuals not married
Any natural persons over 21 years who wish to purchase a property in their joint names.

Married couple
1) Out of community of property:

Where both parties have full contractual power, or the bond can be in either name provided that the applicant qualifies in his/her own capacity, or in joint names.

2) In community of property:

The bond must be registered in joint names.

3) Foreign matrimonial property system:

Contractual capacities according to law of country governing the marriage.


An unmarried person under the age of 21 must obtain consent from the Supreme Court in terms of Section 80 of the Administration of Estates Act 60 of 1965.

Official/employee in the public sector

An applicant who qualifies for the Government Home Loan Scheme, and is a government employee.

Close corporation

Provided that Section 40 of the Close Corporations Act will not be contravened. (This sets the conditions under which a close corporation may finance the purchase of a memberís interest.)


Provided that Section 38 of the Companies Act will be not contravened. (This prohibits a company from financing the purchase of its own shares).

Informal body

Recognized churches and associations.

Property which qualifies:


Normal house.

Semi-detached house

Two houses that are attached to one another which may be on separate stands and bonded individually as ordinary houses, or on one stand and bonded together under one bond, or sold as separate units in a sectional title development.

Townhouse or flat

The unit must be in an approved sectional title complex and comprise only of residential units.