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Notice to Windhoek-based estate agents
(agent's notices)

For estate agents based at Windhoek and who temporarily want to display notice for the purpose of conveying the fact that immovable or movable property, or both, are for sale, to let or on show, it is recommended to obtain a copy of the relevant municipal regulations, as amended by Government Notice No. 84 dated 2 April 2001.
The following are to be taken note of:
Estate agent's notice:
- shall not exceed 0,5 square meters;
- shall not be erected or displayed on municipal property (street or public place) - unless:
- written notice has been given to and approved by the municipal council of Windhoek;
- payment of the prescribed fee stated in Government Notice 84, schedule 1.
Regulation 2 with regard to estate agents' notices stipulates, inter alia:
- An estate agent's notice may not contain information other than the words "for sale", "to let" or "on show" or "show house" and the name, logo contact details of the estate agent displaying the notice.
- No estate agent shall display more than four estate agents' notices in respect of a single residential property, which notices shall not be further than a radius of 1 kilometre from the property advertised.
- An "on show" or "show house" notice may not be displayed more than 48 hours prior to commencement of the showing and all estate agents' notices must be removed not later than 48 hours after letting, sale, or end time of the showing of the residential property, as the case may be.
No estate agent's notice may:
- either be more than 1 meter in height measured from the mean ground level immediately below the length of the notice or obscure motorists' sight lines;
- be displayed less than ten metres from the midpoint of the outside curve of a corner measured from the midpoint of such corner;
- be made with a material which is not strong and durable;
- have one notice above the other;
- be displayed against a transformer casing, illuminated advertising signs, traffic lights or signs, structure walls, pillars or fences, excluding a fence of the residential property advertised, shelters, trees, refuse bins, bus shelters or lampposts;
- have supports which are driven through a tarred or paved surface;
- be displayed in such a way as to damage any service whether belonging to the Council or not;
- be within 1,5 metres from the driving surface of an adjoining street;
- in the opinion of a traffic officer endanger or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic;
- be displayed adjacent to any street mentioned in Government Notice No. 84.